Iran Semiconductor Industries was established with the aim of starting industrial activities in the field of microelectronics. In the first stage of its activities, this company put the creation of an IC packaging line based on a flexible production line (Flexible I.C. assembly line) on its agenda. The design of the production line was carried out based on the experience and technical knowledge available in the company, and the required equipment was purchased and installed in the second half of 1988, with an investment of 3.000,000 dollars. The ability of this line is such that it will be possible to completely change the product from an 8-base IC to a complex 64-base IC in less than 20 minutes.

Considering the expanding market of smart cards in various fields and also the similarity of the production process of these types of cards with integrated circuits, this company has arranged its existing production line for the production of these types of cards.

Currently, this company is the only private company that is one of the main suppliers of mobile phone SIM cards and phone cards for all telecommunication operators, and the supply of telecommunication safety modules (SAM) is also exclusively available to this company.

It should be mentioned that this company, in line with the policy of increasing the share of domestic production and preventing foreign exchange from leaving the country, and in cooperation with Gemalto (Thales), has been trying to produce the smart cards needed by the country domestically, and so far it has produced close to 82 millions public telephone credit cards, 210 millions mobile phone SIM cards and 200K SAM module cards have been delivered to telecommunication companies and mobile phone operators.

It is noted that since the end of 2006, in order to meet some of the needs of its customers, Iran Semiconductor Industries has set up a SIM card packaging production line and has succeeded in producing more than 50,000,000 SIM cards. Pack and deliver. For this purpose, Iran's semiconductor industries, while making significant investments, purchased equipment and provided appropriate software.

One of the other programs of this company in order to develop its production activities is the provision of charging SIM cards, mobile phone credit cards (Card Voucher). After investing and buying the necessary equipment to complete its production line, this company has produced and delivered more than 15,000,000 charge cards.