The SIM card is a legendary mobile technology hero. It's used billions of times around the world daily and it's essential for our mobile digital lives. The SIM card was a basic authentication tool, which enabled feature phones and smartphones to communicate, and developed into a multifunctional secure device. Today, it ensures more than the pure authentication to a network: data protection, mobile applications as well as services such as payment, transit, and digital car key, in addition to IoT-focused security applications.
ISI is a primary SIM card manufacturer and service provider in Iran market.
ISI SIM cards provide interoperability and compliance with the latest standards, including new form factors such as the 4FF (Third Form Factor).
This feature ensures that our SIM cards can connect to networks across the globe with any mobile phone or portable device (such as PDAs or Tablet computers). 


​Today EMV®, the global standard for secure payments, has been deployed in more than 130 countries. Credit, debit, prepaid, and contactless cards, as well as mobile payments – all of these, are now being secured with EMV. 

In Iran, ISI started the migration project from magnetic stripe card to chip and pin but due to polical conflicts, this project was inevitably stopped. We hope that this project will be resumed once these problems are resolved.

Personalization services have been an integral part of ISI’s activities since we started; the result is our key competitive advantage in today’s smart card market.The CHIP & PIN card personalization process requires extensive use of cryptographic calculations during data generation and chip personalization. To manage these operations, ISI has the solution relies on the Dexxis Key Management System, which has an embedded hardware security module. A single cryptographic board provides the computing power to generate and encrypt sensitive data and to unlock and secure sensitive data during the chip card personalization.

Packaging and fullfilment:

You must be aware that packaging is critical in the way customers perceive your brand and services.

Personalised bank cards and card packages are proven to:

  • Attract new customers
  • Retain existing cardholders
  • Increase card usage